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  • Roe Lane Dementia Friendly - Dementia Awareness Week (2015 05)
    Article: May 22, 2015

    On Thursday as part of Dementia Awareness Week a number of our Lib Dem councillors from Cambridge and Meols wards met outside the pharmacy at Lanes Ends roundabout providing shoppers with information about Dementia.

    Cllrs John Dodd, Sue McGuire, Pat Keith and Daniel Lewis met with medical professionals from the doctor's surgery, the dentist and the pharmacy and discussed working towards making Roe Lane Dementia Friendly. The shops at Fylde Road have been leading the way in making Southport Dementia Friendly and it is great to see the shops and medical professionals on Roe Lane helping to expand the scheme.

  • Over 10000 new members since polling day
    Article: May 13, 2015

    People are joining the Liberal Democrats at a rate of 1 new member nearly every 45 seconds.

    Since polls closed on Thursday, more than 10,000 new members have joined the Liberal Democrats.

    Liberal Democrat President Baroness Sal Brinton said:

    "Something quite extraordinary is happening across the country and our party membership has never grown faster. Events are taking place all over the country and we are delighted so many new people are joining the liberal fight back.

  • Fightback 6000
    Article: May 11, 2015

    Thousands of people have joined the Liberal Democrats since Thursday. Become part of our growing family today.

    After the results on Thursday, over 6,000 people have joined the party to become part of the Lib Dem Fightback.

    As a member, you'll have the power to change things. Not only will you be able to vote in the upcoming leadership election, but you can have a say in forming our policy platform at party conferences as well as choosing local candidates.

  • Election 2015 - Some of the winning team
    Article: May 9, 2015

    Thank you Southport for re-electing John Pugh as your Liberal Democrat MP and re-electing our 4 ward councillors for Kew, Birkdale, Norwood and Meols.

    Results are detailed below. The picture below shows some of our team members after the count was completed at Dunes Leusire Centre.

    Southport Parliamentary Constituency - results
    Election Candidate Party Votes %
    John David Pugh Liberal Democrats 13652 31%
    Damien Moore Conservative Party 12330 28%
    Liz Savage The Labour Party 8468 19%
    Terry Durrance United Kingdom Independence Party 7429 17%
    Laurence George Rankin The Green Party 1230 3%
    Jacqueline Anne Barlow The Southport Party 992 2%

    Norwood - results
    Election Candidate Party Votes %
    Marianne Welsh Liberal Democrats 1971 32%
    Stephen James Jowett The Labour Party 1459 24%
    Jeffrey Thomas Hughes United Kingdom Independence Party 1303 21%
    Anthony Irvine White Conservative Party 1024 17%
    David McIntosh The Green Party 400 6%

    Meols - results
    Election Candidate Party Votes %
    Nigel Ashton Liberal Democrats 2065 32%
    Georgia Pactor Conservative Party 1733 26%
    Patricia Elaine Shanks United Kingdom Independence Party 1375 21%
    Debbie Bannon The Labour Party 1141 17%
    Rick Furness The Green Party 237 4%

    Kew - results
    Election Candidate Party Votes %
    Mike Booth Liberal Democrats 1842 32%
    Janet Catherine Harrison The Labour Party 1329 23%
    Philip Jeffrey Cantlay United Kingdom Independence Party 1251 22%
    Jordan Thomas Shandley Conservative Party 1004 17%
    Neville Grundy The Green Party 339 6%

    Birkdale - results
    Election Candidate Party Votes %
    Simon Shaw Liberal Democrats 2216 33%
    Poppy Elise Jones Conservative Party 1374 21%
    Allen Ferguson United Kingdom Independence Party 1360 21%
    Ged Wright The Labour Party 1351 20%
    Tony Young The Green Party 318 5%

    Dukes - results
    Election Candidate Party Votes %
    Pat Ball Conservative Party 2186 36%
    Teresa Josephine Smith Liberal Democrats 1689 28%
    Catherine Emily Cookson The Labour Party 991 16%
    John Charles Lyon-Taylor United Kingdom Independence Party 967 16%
    Bernhard Frank The Green Party 283 5%

    Ainsdale - results
    Election Candidate Party Votes %
    Terry Jones Conservative Party 2247 32%
    Lynne Thompson Liberal Democrats 1978 28%
    Lesley Delves The Labour Party 1332 19%
    Terry Durrance United Kingdom Independence Party 1165 17%
    Barbara Ann Dutton The Green Party 289 4%

    Cambridge - results
    Election Candidate Party Votes %
    Harry Bliss Conservative Party 1897 31%
    Yaso Sathiy Liberal Democrats 1734 28%
    Ann Irene Ferguson United Kingdom Independence Party 1302 21%
    Muriel Annie Langley The Labour Party 901 15%
    David William Collins The Green Party 259 4%
  • John Pugh speaking at his adoption meeting April 2015
    Article: Apr 10, 2015

    Southport's John Pugh has backed the Lib Dem plan for five new Green Laws.

    The five green laws are:

    1. A Nature Bill: key measures include legal targets for biodiversity, clean air, clean water and access to green space, extending the Right to Roam and establishing new marine and coastal reserves.

    2. A Heating and Energy Efficiency Bill: key measures include building on the Green Deal with a national programme to raise the energy efficiency standards for all Britain's households. We will legislate to boost renewable and district heating programmes and heat saving standards.

    3. A Zero Waste Britain Bill: key measures include establishing a "Stern Report" on resource use, with binding targets and a clear action plan to reduce waste and end biodegradable landfill.

    4. A Zero Carbon Britain Bill: key measures include introducing a decarbonisation target for electricity generation, expanding the powers of the Green Investment Bank and banning electricity generated from unabated coal.

    5. A Green Transport Bill: key measures include establishing a full network of charging points for electric cars, only allowing low emission vehicles on the roads from 2040 and reforming planning law to ensure new developments are designed around walking, cycling and public transport.
  • Article: Mar 29, 2015

    Consultation response from our three Meols Ward councillors.

    General comments

    1. We do not consider that the population estimates that underpin the Local Plan publication draft are sound. There are assumptions about sudden increases in inward migration that are simply not backed up by credible evidence. The figure of 615 houses a year seems to us to be a considerable over-estimate of the actual need.

    2. Producing a Local Plan based on flawed assumptions means that Green Belt land, including high grade agricultural land, is being wrongly designated for housing.

    3. Some of the actual need for housing can be met by measures such as reducing the number of empty properties to the national average, taking into account existing brownfield sites earmarked for development, and encouraging 'flats over shops' and 'shared accommodation'.

    Brownfield sites

    4. We believe that there are existing brownfield sites that can be used for housing without impacting on the prospect for jobs in the future and we welcome the inclusion of the old Phillips site off Rufford Road, Southport for housing development (MN 2.3).

    5. It is vital that development at MN2.3 includes ancillary developments such as a school, GP surgery, and shops. This development should also recognise, and be sympathetic to, the heritage of the site of the old Vulcan Motor works.

  • Angela Rippon and John Pugh
    Article: Mar 24, 2015

    Southport according to figure released by the Alzheimer's Society has the highest number of people with a diagnosis of dementia in the North West and one of the highest rates in the UK - 1,765

    Alzheimer's Society campaigners were in Westminster to urge MPs to make this election memorable for all those affected by dementia. The charity is striving to ensure that more people get a diagnosis and the support they need, that there is a doubling of spending on dementia research and that communities are encouraged to become dementia friendly to ensure people with dementia can live full and active lives.

  • Parking Fines
    Article: Mar 15, 2015

    MP John Pugh has welcomed the new proposed changes to parking laws as a "sensible adjustment to the balance of power". Previously the MP has proposed that in-town parking be run by the Business Improvement District not the council.

    "The whole problem in Southport has been over-zealous enforcement and this new Statutory Instrument spikes that in favour of common sense," the MP said.

  • 2015 John Pugh - STOP Auto-Renewal Rip Off
    Article: Mar 8, 2015

    According to national statistics Southport residents are paying in the region of £2 million pounds more than they should be on their motor insurance.This is due to the policy of auto-renewals which quietly boost the price of insurance above market rates.

    it is unacceptable that those who are frequently least likely to afford it are being misled by motor insurers into over paying on their car insurance. Almost 6 million drivers are losing out by agreeing to auto-renew their policies, collectively over paying by at least £1.3 billion a year.

  • John Pugh on Wesley Street
    Article: Feb 24, 2015

    John Pugh who is a member of the Public Accounts Committee that has been responsible for exposing the extent of tax avoidance by big companies, banks and High St names has called for a levelling of the playing field for small traders.

    "They don't engage in forming a nest of shell companies, off shore trusts and Luxembourg accounts but they have to compete with those who do," commented the MP. He goes on to say:

Over 10000 new members since polling day
Southport Liberal Democrats - The 2014 Winning Team
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