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  • 2015 Rubbish Friends Competition 1
    Article: Jun 29, 2015

    Southport primary school children have created some imaginative messages aimed at keeping Southport clean and tidy...and they will be coming to a bin or refuse lorry near you!

    A ground breaking scheme organised by Rubbish Friends in association with Sefton Council and Southport MP John Pugh, was launched when the winner and runners up in a schools competition to find the best anti-litter slogans saw the results of their entries go public.

  • Stop the Tories abolishing the Human Rights Act
    Article: Jun 27, 2015

    The Government wants to scrap our Human Rights Act.

    The Human Rights Act was drafted by British lawyers in the aftermath of the Second World War, and gives us so many fundamental protections that we rely on in our day to day lives.

    It has held the state to account for spying on us, safeguarded our soldiers and supported peaceful protest. It's helped rape victims, defended domestic violence victims, guarded against slavery, protected elderly couples in care and shielded press freedom.

  • Euro Flag
    Article: Jun 22, 2015

    Fulfilling his pre-election pledge on the issue*, on Monday John Pugh voted with other Lib Dem MPs to support an EU referendum. The vote was won and a referendum on Britain's membership of the EU will now take place before 2017.

    Liberal Democrats argue that, as with the Scottish independence referendum, 16--18 year olds should be allowed to vote.

  • Comfybus Aughton Road Timetable
    Article: Jun 16, 2015

    A bus service to town and to Birkdale Village, replacing one cancelled by Arriva has been brought in down Aughton Road by Comfybus. The trouble is that few people know about it.

    Local Lib Dem Councillor says:

    "We made representations to Merseytravel when Arriva 'pulled' the 47 service - it was sad that they wouldn't use this route instead of pushing all their buses from Ainsdale through Birkdale Village.

  • Dukes Ward Councillor Tony Dawnson
    Article: Jun 13, 2015

    Many people with major disabilities have waited far too long for their Personal Independence Payments to be processed, say local Lib Dems.

    Councillor Dawson, local Lib Dem Health & Adult Care spokesperson, is disappointed in a recent High Court case where two disabled people had failed to establish in court this week that the delays in assessment of PIP were so great that their human rights had been breached.

  • John Pugh Outside Westminster
    Article: Jun 8, 2015

    This Tuesday Southport MP John Pugh has secured a debate in the House of Commons on Metro Mayors and will use it to lambast "half -baked" Tory proposals to impose a City Region Mayor on the entire Merseyside area.

    In an article to be published in Politics Home he claims that a Metro Mayor will be imposed by the Tory government through a "scarcely disguised system of bribes and penalties" and warns of the dangers of "corruption, cronyism and community marginalisation."

  • Roe Lane Dementia Friendly - Dementia Awareness Week (2015 05)
    Article: May 22, 2015

    On Thursday as part of Dementia Awareness Week a number of our Lib Dem councillors from Cambridge and Meols wards met outside the pharmacy at Lanes Ends roundabout providing shoppers with information about Dementia.

    Cllrs John Dodd, Sue McGuire, Pat Keith and Daniel Lewis met with medical professionals from the doctor's surgery, the dentist and the pharmacy and discussed working towards making Roe Lane Dementia Friendly. The shops at Fylde Road have been leading the way in making Southport Dementia Friendly and it is great to see the shops and medical professionals on Roe Lane helping to expand the scheme.

  • Over 10000 new members since polling day
    Article: May 13, 2015

    People are joining the Liberal Democrats at a rate of 1 new member nearly every 45 seconds.

    Since polls closed on Thursday, more than 10,000 new members have joined the Liberal Democrats.

    Liberal Democrat President Baroness Sal Brinton said:

    "Something quite extraordinary is happening across the country and our party membership has never grown faster. Events are taking place all over the country and we are delighted so many new people are joining the liberal fight back.

  • Fightback 6000
    Article: May 11, 2015

    Thousands of people have joined the Liberal Democrats since Thursday. Become part of our growing family today.

    After the results on Thursday, over 6,000 people have joined the party to become part of the Lib Dem Fightback.

    As a member, you'll have the power to change things. Not only will you be able to vote in the upcoming leadership election, but you can have a say in forming our policy platform at party conferences as well as choosing local candidates.

  • Election 2015 - Some of the winning team
    Article: May 9, 2015

    Thank you Southport for re-electing John Pugh as your Liberal Democrat MP and re-electing our 4 ward councillors for Kew, Birkdale, Norwood and Meols.

    Results are detailed below. The picture below shows some of our team members after the count was completed at Dunes Leusire Centre.

    Southport Parliamentary Constituency - results
    Election Candidate Party Votes %
    John David Pugh Liberal Democrats 13652 31%
    Damien Moore Conservative Party 12330 28%
    Liz Savage The Labour Party 8468 19%
    Terry Durrance United Kingdom Independence Party 7429 17%
    Laurence George Rankin The Green Party 1230 3%
    Jacqueline Anne Barlow The Southport Party 992 2%

    Norwood - results
    Election Candidate Party Votes %
    Marianne Welsh Liberal Democrats 1971 32%
    Stephen James Jowett The Labour Party 1459 24%
    Jeffrey Thomas Hughes United Kingdom Independence Party 1303 21%
    Anthony Irvine White Conservative Party 1024 17%
    David McIntosh The Green Party 400 6%

    Meols - results
    Election Candidate Party Votes %
    Nigel Ashton Liberal Democrats 2065 32%
    Georgia Pactor Conservative Party 1733 26%
    Patricia Elaine Shanks United Kingdom Independence Party 1375 21%
    Debbie Bannon The Labour Party 1141 17%
    Rick Furness The Green Party 237 4%

    Kew - results
    Election Candidate Party Votes %
    Mike Booth Liberal Democrats 1842 32%
    Janet Catherine Harrison The Labour Party 1329 23%
    Philip Jeffrey Cantlay United Kingdom Independence Party 1251 22%
    Jordan Thomas Shandley Conservative Party 1004 17%
    Neville Grundy The Green Party 339 6%

    Birkdale - results
    Election Candidate Party Votes %
    Simon Shaw Liberal Democrats 2216 33%
    Poppy Elise Jones Conservative Party 1374 21%
    Allen Ferguson United Kingdom Independence Party 1360 21%
    Ged Wright The Labour Party 1351 20%
    Tony Young The Green Party 318 5%

    Dukes - results
    Election Candidate Party Votes %
    Pat Ball Conservative Party 2186 36%
    Teresa Josephine Smith Liberal Democrats 1689 28%
    Catherine Emily Cookson The Labour Party 991 16%
    John Charles Lyon-Taylor United Kingdom Independence Party 967 16%
    Bernhard Frank The Green Party 283 5%

    Ainsdale - results
    Election Candidate Party Votes %
    Terry Jones Conservative Party 2247 32%
    Lynne Thompson Liberal Democrats 1978 28%
    Lesley Delves The Labour Party 1332 19%
    Terry Durrance United Kingdom Independence Party 1165 17%
    Barbara Ann Dutton The Green Party 289 4%

    Cambridge - results
    Election Candidate Party Votes %
    Harry Bliss Conservative Party 1897 31%
    Yaso Sathiy Liberal Democrats 1734 28%
    Ann Irene Ferguson United Kingdom Independence Party 1302 21%
    Muriel Annie Langley The Labour Party 901 15%
    David William Collins The Green Party 259 4%
16,000 New Members Since Polling Day
Southport Liberal Democrats - The 2014 Winning Team
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